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A platform that supports women in the recruitment process and connects candidates with employers.

We will teach you how to successfully apply and get noticed on the job market. We will help you find a satisfying job that aligns with your expectations.

We have prepared a unique career path.

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    We will help you get ready for job searching. We will motivate you and provide you with tips and advice!

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    Our professional resources, such as articles, infographics, video and audio recordings, will help complete and complement your career path.

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    Our resources are created by and consulted on with experienced career advisors, as we put solid knowledge and authenticity first.

Our common goal is to find you a job that fits your needs. That is why at Talenti we cooperate only with employers who value conscious employees.

The Talenti database will provide you with access to job offers from interesting employers. These are going to be companies that understand the challenges women have to cope with in the job market. We foster mutual trust between employers and candidates, since we believe that a quick and efficient recruitment process is of value to both you and employers. Your contentment and job satisfaction are relevant for employers, as well.

In our database, you can find various employers offering positions that match your skills.

Looking for a new job is a multi-stage process.

Not to worry! We’ll go through it together.

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    You create an account on our website Talenti.pl.

    It’s easy, convenient and completely free. You can do it right here. Sign in.

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    You are getting ready.

    You fill in the recruitment form with our support.
    You describe your career path step by step, telling us about your job expectations. We ask you about your experience, education and additional skills.We support you through tips and valuable resources every step of the way. You can count on articles, valuable webinars, and short videos that will help you answer your questions.

    Ready? Let’s begin!

    Fill in your career path and give us a sign as soon as you are ready. Then we will start looking for a job for you.

    In the meantime, we can give you some suggestions on how else you can prepare for a future job interview and be your best self.

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    We search for a job for you.

    You receive job offer suggestions from us.

    Based on the information you provided us with, we select job offers from employers we cooperate with.

    You can apply for the positions that you find suitable.

    We present you as a candidate to the employer(s).

    The employer or a member of our team will contact you, in order to get to know you better and discuss the details.

    At this stage you have the chance to learn more about the employer and see if it is the right workplace for you. We will gladly help you prepare for this interview if you want us to. You can also find ready-made resources and tutorials on our website.

100% of our Talenti Team are women, so we can truly relate to you and understand what kind of support you need during your job search.

Create an account on Talenti,

and we can guarantee you:

  • access to our proprietary career path that will guide you through the recruitment process step by step.
  • support in discovering your work-related talents and needs.
  • a wide array of resources for developmnent and motivation that will help you understand your skills better.
  • tips and educational support in the form of guides and numerous resources related to the recruitment process.
  • support in naming your expectations towards the employer.
  • access to offers from verified employers who understand the needs of women in the job market.

Find a workplace that values employees like you!

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We have been actively engaged in changing the job market for over 10 years through another platform - mamopracuj.pl.k We regularly meet with the community of women and listen to their needs.

Thousands of hours of conversations with candidates have shaped our experience, thanks to which we have learned about the difficulties that women face when searching for a job.

Do you have doubts as to what your strengths are?

The career path has been designed to help you easily identify the areas where you feel most confident.

Do you struggle with describing the time you devoted to childcare on your CV?

We will teach you how to describe your career break with the language of benefits and highlight the skills you acquired as a result.

Do you want transparency as to which stage of the recruitment process are you on?

We make sure that you are kept posted about the stages of the recruitment process.

Are you browsing job offers and applying with little to no effect?

Let's reverse this process. Trust us and we will suggest a job to you!

Are you uncertain about the industry you would like to work in?

You will have a better understanding of your preferred industries and professions, once you go through the career path and review our resources.

Are you looking for remote work?

With our employers, a part-time job is also an option.

Do you want to balance your job with other responsibilities?

You get to choose how much time you want to dedicate to working.

We believe that the recruitment process should be based on professional support and understanding the needs of both sides - candidates and employers.

We cooperate only with conscious employers:

  • international corporations
  • small local companies
  • foundations and public benefit organizations
  • startups

Ready for your new job?

Let’s start!