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Welcome to Talenti – a Platform that supports women in the recruitment process and connects candidates with employers. Why are our Terms and Conditions on the mamopracuj.pl website? Because our Foundation is the owner of the Talenti brand.

Please find the Terms and Conditions below. We want you to know how the Platform works, how we can support you, and for what purposes and on what legal ground we process your personal data. For us, this is the foundation of operating online legally. Therefore, we ask you to please familiarize yourself with this document. Its acceptance will be a condition for you to receive our support, which we would like to share with you.

We do our best to write our documents in easily understandable language, but if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.

So, shall we get started?

The objective of the Platform is to provide you with job offers that will match your expectations as closely as possible. They will be tailored to your education, experience, to the information you want to share with us by filling in the application form. We call it your Career Path. For this to happen, it is required that you create an account on the Platform. We will then be able to present the completed form to a potential employer. If we do not currently have suitable offers for you, nothing is lost. Having an account on our Platform, you will find tips and advice on how to prepare for a job interview. We assure you that your time will not be wasted. At the same time, by creating an account, we will keep you posted about your job search status.

Remember, we are here for you.

the Talenti team

Terms and conditions of using the Talenti.pl platform

The Terms and Conditions regulate the provision of services through the Talenti.pl Platform (hereinafter referred to as “Talenti.pl”) run by Talenti sp. z o.o., headquartered office in Kraków (30-554), ul. Zamknięta 10/1.5, a company in formation.

§ 1. Definitions

Service Provider – we who run the Talenti.pl Internet platform and provide Services through the Talenti.pl platform under the terms and conditions herein specified, i.e. Talenti sp. z o.o. in formation with its registered office in Kraków (30-554), ul. Zamknięta 10/1.5

Talenti.pl/Internet Service/Platform – the online platform in the talenti.pl domain, within which we provide specified Services.

Services – all services provided by the Service Provider through electronic means, the purpose of which is to support Users in the process of job search, as defined in § 5 of the Terms and Conditions.

User / Candidate – a natural person looking for a job (a candidate), of legal age, with full capacity to perform acts in law (who may also be running a sole proprietorship), who has registered on the Platform and uses the Services provided within the Platform.

Visitor – an internet user, any person visiting the Platform who does not have an Account on the Platform, who can browse the pages of the Platform.

Employer – an entity that has provided us, as a Service Provider, with a job offer for the purpose of presenting it to a selected User in response to the application received as part of the application form called Your Career Path.

Registration – the procedure of creating an Account.

User / Candidate Account – is a collection of resources that gathers information about the User and her activitiy on the Platform, enabling the provision of Services to her. The User may use the Account to manage the Services.

Your Career Path – it is an electronic application form filled in by the User, containing her personal data, as well as information about her career path (experience), education, skills, expectations in reference to a future job – allowing us, as a Service Provider, to present the User with job offers tailored to the information indicated in the form.

Content – all information, data, materials, signs, graphics, articles, logos, names, trademarks, symbols, descriptions and images, diagrams, algorithms uploaded to the Platform, regardless of their nature, format and the way they are written or presented.

Durable medium – is a resource or tool that allows the User to store information directed individually at her in such a way that the information can be accessed in the future for a period of time appropriate for the purposes which the information serve and that allow to display the stored information in an unaltered form.

Regulations – the present document.

§ 2. General provisions

  1. This document serves as Terms and Conditions, pursuant to Article 8 of the Act on provision of services through electronic means of 18 July 2002, to the extent to which the Services are provided to the User through electronic means.
  2. The User is obligated to read and abide by the present Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Service Provider shall make the Terms and Conditions available to the User free of charge on the Talenti.pl platform, before an agreement for the provision of Services is concluded. At the same time, the User receives the Terms and Conditions on a Durable medium, together with the Account activation link, to the e-mail address provided during the Registration.

§ 3. Technical conditions of using the Service

  1. The use of Talenti.pl requires the User to have an ICT system at her disposal that meets at least the following technical requirements:
  2. access to the Internet network;
  3. the capability to use a standard web browser, the settings of which should support an encrypted connection, if an encrypted page is inteded to be used when using the Platform;/li>
  4. access to configured e-mail;
  5. The Service Provider does not provide the technical conditions indicated in paragraph 1 above. The User shall incur all costs of meeting the technical conditions, in particular the costs related to Internet access. Furthermore, the User should apply appropriate technical and administrative measures to ensure the security of her equipment and data.
  6. The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the provided Services and the way in which the Platform operates by changing the Terms and Conditions as referred to in the Final Provisions of the Terms and Conditions § 9.2.b.
  7. The Service Provider has the right to to schedule downtime in access to the Platform, in order to carry out modernization work on the Platform, breaks that are necessary for the Platform’s expansion, removal of possible failures, or other fortuitous incidents. In the event of failures and other incidents causing inability to use the Platform, particular Services, functionalities, the Service Provider shall undertake all possible measures to rectify such failure or disruption.
  8. The Service Provider may refuse to provide the Services if the User violates the Terms and Conditions.
  9. The Service Provider declares to make every effort to ensure that all breaks in the operation of the Platform are schedules at the least onerous time for the Users.

§ 4. Conditions of providing Services within the Platform

  1. The condition of using all available functionalities of the Platform within the Talenti.pl website is creating an Account on the Platform.
  2. By registering on the Platform, the User confirms that she has read the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, that she agrees to the provisions of the documents and uses the Platform voluntarily.
  3. The Agreement for the provision of Services is concluded between the User and the Service Provider as soon as the User receives access to the created Account and may be terminated by either party.
  4. The subject of the agreement between the Service Provider and the User are the Services specified in the present Terms and Conditions. The User is granted access to an Account created for her, which she can use within the Platform after providing her e-mail address and password submitted during Registration (after logging in).
  5. The User may register and log in to the Platform using her nickname (login) and password in other Internet services (Google, Facebook Connect, etc.), which allow such an option and are functionally connected to Talenti.pl. The data transferred and collected this way shall be treated as data submitted by the User for registration on the Platform./li>
  6. The User is responsible for indicating incomplete, outdated or false data, or failing to update her data accordingly.
  7. The Service Provider shall not be liable for failure to perform or improper provision of the Services resulting from the provision of false, incomplete or outdated information by the User.
  8. The User must not disclose her Account details to others, including the disclosure of the password used to access the Account, and shall be solely responsible for any damage resulting from such disclosure. The user is obliged to keep the password to her Account secret and to protect it from disclosure. The User is obliged to inform the Service Provider immediately if the access data to the Account has been taken over by third parties and clarify the circumstances leading to the takeover.
  9. The Account is maintained for the User for an indefinite period of time. The User may at any time request that her Account be discontinued by sending a statement to the Service Provider at the e-mail address: hello@talenti.pl. The User may also demand the discontinuation of her Account in other ways, provided that her identity as the Account holder can be appropriately verified.
  10. The right to delete the Account does not affect the User’s right to withdraw from or terminate the agreement, guaranteed by law and by the present Terms and Conditions.
  11. Termination of the contract for maintaining the Account comes into effect as soon as it is executed (for the future).
  12. The User is obliged to refrain from any activitiy of unlawful nature, in particular from:
    1. using the Platform for any objective that is not in line with the law, the Terms and Conditions, public decency or generally established principles of Internet use,
    1. using the Platform in a way that infringes the rights of the Service Provider, other Users or third parties, in particular by providing false, outdated or third-party data, impersonating other entities or misusing held privileges,
    1. providing data, or using tools that destabilize IT systems or unauthorized modification of data on the Platform,
    1. using Content, as well as other intellectual property rights, without the explicit written consent of the Service Provider,
    1. aggregating and processing data and other information available on the Platform for the purpose of sharing it with third parties on other internet platforms, as well as offline.
    1. distributing, reproducing, copying, streaming or making any Content found on the Platform otherwise available, whether to third parties or other entities,
    1. uploading offensive or commercial content to the Platform, in attached documents or applications,
    1. attaching any harmful files to application documents, containing malware or content incompatible with the nature of Talenti.pl’s operation, which may cause damage to the recipients’ computers or other devices,
  13. In the event of violating the provisions of point 12 above, the Service Provider is entitled to terminate the agreement for the provision of Services with immediate effect, including blocking or deleting the Account from the Platform.
  14. The Service Provider bears no liability towards the User who violates the Terms and Conditions for any damage caused by the discontinuation of the provision of Services, including as a result of deleting the Account, as well as for any damage caused to third parties as a result of usage of Services that is illegal or violates the Terms and Conditions.

§ 5. Services

  1. The Services provided to Users are free of charge.
  2. The Account service. In the moment of creating an Account, the User gains access to the functionalities of the Account, as defined in paragraph 3. The User bears the right to modify the content of the provided information about herself at any time.
  3. The functionalities of the Account available to the User are as follow:
    1. Applying as a candidate for a job through the Your Career Path application form – the User fills in an electronic form which allows the Service Provider to present job offers that best match the submitted professional profile. In her application, the User, besides answering questions, may upload a photo and add application documents. The data in the application form, together with the application documents, will be verified by the Service Provider in order to present the User with job offerws from the Service Provider’s database of Employers.
    1. Job Offer Recommendations – The Service Provider informs the User about job offers posted on the User’s Account that match the User’s preferences and interests indicated in the Your Career Path application form. Job offers are presented to the User by the Service Provider based on the information provided in the application form. The Service Provider notifies the User about a job offer posted on the Account by sending a message to the email address provided by the User during Registration. In order to present tailored job offers, the Service Provider may carry out automatic profiling.
    1. Applying for job offers – The User can make use of the offers presented by the Service Provider. The User receives information to the e-mail address provided during Registration about a job offer waiting for her on the Platform. If the User wishes to apply for the job offer presented to her, she informs the Service Provider using the contact details provided in the e-mail by clicking Apply for the job offer.
    1. Job offer history – the user is able to to view the job offers she applied for
    1. Providing educational resources – access to educational resources, advice etc. on searching for a job.

§ 6. Personal data protection

  1. The Service Provider is the administrator of the personal data of all Users visiting the Platform and using the Platform’s Services.
  2. The User provides personal data on a voluntary basis; however, refusing to provide such data may prevent the User from accessing the Services in a due manner.
  3. The User should not provide the Service Provider with personal data of third parties.
  4. All information about the Service Provider’s processing of personal data and the use of cookies is included in the Privacy Policy.Usługodawca jest administratorem danych osobowych wszystkich użytkowników odwiedzających Serwis oraz korzystających z Usług Serwisu.

§ 7. Complaints

  1. The User bears the right to lodge a complaint in reference to the Services provided by the Service Provider.
  2. A complaint may be lodged via:
  1. e-mail, at hello@talenti.pl
  2. traditional mail to the following address: ul. Zamknięta 10 lok. 1.5, 30-554 Kraków
  3. The complaint should contain the User’s name and surname, e-mail address, a description of what were the inconsistencies in the provision of Services through electronic means and what resolution of the complaint she expects.
  4. The Service Provider shall take the complaint into consideration immediately, no later than within 14 days from receiving it.

§ 8. Liability

  1. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damage resulting from disruptions of Internet connections, or technical downtime as defined in § 3 of the Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Service Provider shall not be liable when e-mail server administrators block the transmission of messages to the e-mail address provided by the Use, or for the deletion and blocking of e-mail messages by software installed on the computer used by the User.
  3. The User declares to be aware that the activities carried out within the scope of the provided Services do not guarantee her finding a job or benefitting economically in any way, and the Service Provider is not liable for such circumstances.
  4. The User is fully responsible for defects and errors in the provided information and materials, which will be used by the Service Provider for provision of Services.

§ 9. Final provisions

  1. If particular provisions of the present Terms and Conditions are declared invalid or legally ineffective in a way provided by law, it shall not affect the validity or effect of remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions. In place of the invalid provision, a regulation will be applied whose objectives are closest to the objectives of the invalid provision, as well as the present Terms and Conditions as a whole.
  2. The Service Provider may change the Terms and Conditions in the event of:
    1. changes in legislation, decisions or guidelines of government authorities or court rulings that have direct impact on the shape of the rights and obligations of Users, or the Service Provider;
    1. changes in the operation or architecture of the Service Provider’s ICT systems, in particular changes to the functionalities or scope of provision of Services;
    1. in view of data security and in order to prevent misuse or infringement of the rights or legitimate interest of the Service Provider;
    1. editorial changes aimed at allowing to better understand the contents of the Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Service Provider shall notify Users about changes to the Terms and Conditions no later than 14 days prior to the day when the changes are to come into effect by sending a notification about the changes to the Terms and Conditions to the User’s e-mail address with the updated Terms and Conditions attached in the body of the e-mail sent to the User.
  4. The updated Terms and Conditions shall be published on the Platform.
  5. In matters not regulated by the present Terms and Conditions, generally applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply.
  6. The court suitable for resolving any disputes arising from the Sales Agreement shall be the court of general jurisdiction as indicated in applicable legal regulations.

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