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Do you want your team to be more diverse? Find unique female talents now!

By working with Talenti, you gain access to a unique database of female professionals who are seeking jobs, and a community of over 100,000 women.

With our proprietary career path, we are able to match candidates to your needs with great precision and quicker than ever before. We actively partake in the important social mission of equal opportunities in the job market.

Become one of our satisfied customers.

We reinforce diversity. We break down barriers. We shape change.

  • Welcome to a community that values authentic and good relationships in recruitment. We support the creation of diverse teams and level out existing inequalities in the job market through running workshops and programs, as well as putting together reports and publications. We take the floor in key discussions.
  • We are constantly actively involved in the transformation of the job market and levelling opportunities for women.
  • We create reports, present at conferences, educate about the situation of women in the job market and cooperate with employers.
  • For 12 years, we have been running the platform www.mamopracuj.pl, which educates and supports women in entering and re-entering the job market, as well as aids employers in finding the best employees.


100 female candidates per month

Finds jobs through our communication channels


3,300 women

participated in our workshops, webinars and events supporting the job search process.


150 training courses and webinars

that we organised were targeted at preparing female candidates for job searching and effective recruitment.


1.5 million per year

female users use the resources of the mamopracuj.pl platform

Our partners about working with us

Joanna Rajczykowska

HR Business Partner, Mobee Dick

Talenti is a wonderful initiative that I have been using since the very beginning. Thanks to the platform, I have had the chance to hire experienced female candidates - reducing my search time, saving time - for meetings and posting ads on other platforms. I recommend it!

Maciej Przybycień

Director of Operations and Organizational Development w TechSoup

Cooperation with Talenti has been invaluable - we tasked our team with finding candidates with a specific skillset for niche areas, who would meet our challenging requirements. Talenti exceeded our expectations and helped us get fantastic candidates for the team, saving us time and resources. We plan to continue working with Talenti and entrust them with increasingly ambitious projects.

We regularly meet with the community of women and listen to what their needs are - that's thousands of hours of conversations with female candidates.

We believe that an effective and safe recruitment process is based on professional support and understanding of the needs of both parties - the women and the employers.

Trust our knowledge and experience.

If you want the best female candidates to join your company or would like to discuss cooperation, please contact us.

We would be happy to talk about your recruitment needs and about how we can help you.

    We will support you in the recruitment process:

    We will help you identify your recruitment needs

    We would be happy to talk about your recruitment needs and how we can help you.

    We will match candidate profiles

    At Talenti, we know our candidates, their talents, needs and expectations.

    We will shorten the recruitment process

    We know how much it costs to recruit the wrong employee. Our platform will save you time and help you avoid mistakes when selecting an employee.

    How do you benefit from working with us?

    • Dedication

      Every recruitment process has its own characteristics, and by getting to know your organisation better we can match the best candidates more accurately.

    • Trust

      Hiring is based on trust – without it, it is difficult to build a good relationship, which is why we ensure that feedback is given at every stage of the process.

    • Professionalism

      Our professionalism is the result of the qualifications and experience we have gained over the years through working with well-known employer brands.

    • Security

      We make sure that both the candidate and the employer are certain that security and privacy procedures are followed every step of the way.

    If you want the best female candidates to join your company, contact us.

    We would be happy to talk about your recruitment needs and how we can help you.